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Meet Our Team of Consultants

M Bugg 2018 Close-Up.jpg


Maya M. Bugg, EdD is the founder and CEO of the Bugg Consulting Group. She has almost two decades of experience in leading & launching successful organizations; facilitating adult-learning; strategic planning; ed policy; and program design. She is entirely enthusiastic about and committed to closing opportunity gaps in the work place by creating diverse, equitable & inclusive spaces for all.


DEI Partner; Lead Consultant

Co-Founder of Castillo Consulting Partners, La Mikia Castillo brings over a decade of strategic planning, two decades of community organizing and coalition building, several years of leadership development, policy expertise, and relevant diversity, equity & inclusion consulting experience to the Consultant Team.


Data Systems Partner

Founder of Techademics, Al has decades of experience supporting clients and leading data initiatives across the country. 

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